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Space Planning, Corporate Interiors, Test Fits, Furniture Workstations.

Our corporate office, workstation, and public space analysis and planning consider company facility costs and rental rates. Efficient space planning leads to potential new office space, increased quantities of personnel positions, or quality teaming and conference space.

Interior and Architectural Branding

Zoo Atlanta, Sodexho, and Doc Chey’s involve branded interiors and exterior vignettes. Key, brand images and icons are incorporated into design and construction. These icons of corporate businesses are essential in translating and reinforcing brand into environments which are used by their public.

3-Dimensional Modeling and Video

InSight uses a variety of 3-D modeling tools to assist our clients'
in understanding the full intent of our volumetric designs.

With 3-dimensional modeling and video, owners' have a chance
to preview their projects in drawing form before actual construction
begins. Interpretations of texture, color, and volume are studied
and tested during the design development phase of any project.



Georgia Institute of Technology
TSRB 3rd, 4th, and 5th Floors
Terminus Health Club
5th Ave. Condominium
New York, New York
Doc Chey's
Athens, Georgia