Fitzgerald+CO, a $200M advertising agency, engaged InSight to re-engineer their corporate office space and visually link the Creative team to Account Management.

After Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG) convinced Dave Fitzgerald to join their family of companies, a new office strategy was required. InSight re-engineered the offices in a major 55,000 SF, two-floor renovation to achieve a unified design from disparate elements.

The transformation required 4 phases of construction over only 6 months, during which business disruptions were minimized. The final design integrated the Creative division into the company while offering them their own unique look.

This design achieved a single office look, allowing Fitzgerald to better serve their
broad spectrum of clients.

Later, when Fitzgerald's staff doubled by
acquisition, InSight was charged with
integrating the cultures and increasing the
sharing of ideas among the staff.


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